Empowering Clinics with Technology – CRM for Clinics

Empowering Clinics with Technology – CRM for Clinics

Many organizations around the world were focused on digital transformation even before the global health crisis of 2020. They were collaborating with prominent technology companies to develop new business models, emerging customer experiences, new products, and new services. The pandemic changed everything, prolonging efforts of businesses while compelling others to expedite their transition to the cloud.

Healthcare Industry is also not abaft in transitioning their operations to cloud. The ability to connect patients, care teams, and data is crucial to achieving the greatest possible results. Even Clinics are investing in services such as virtual visits, home health, and remote patient monitoring, which allow them to engage with patients and give better experience. Health organisations are increasingly focused on how to accelerate their digital agendas to better serve their patients and empower their employees while lowering costs and accelerating time to value.

Being ahead in technological innovations, Microsoft brings us exceptional capabilities to empower patient management, improving clinical and operational insights, making it faster and easier to get more efficient care, and ensuring end-to-end security, compliance, and accessibility of health data. Unlocking the potential of Microsoft Power Platform, Dataverse, Microsoft Forms, and Microsoft Bookings.

Klevron is helping clinics revolutionizing the experience with customized Clinic management system based on Microsoft Ecosystem.

Enhanced Patient Experience

The need for personalised care among patients is growing. They’re actively looking for ways to see their doctor without having to leave their homes. This evolution results in increase in the use of technology in healthcare industry for developing customized hospital and clinic management systems that transforms their activities digitally, reducing time and effort. Klevron’s Clinic Management System incorporates secure virtual health capabilities into the patient care journey by developing virtual visit system, as well as nurture patient experience with impeccable services within a single system.

  • Online Appointment Booking: The system provides the capability to personalize your booking form as per your requirements and can be embedded on your website so that patients can book their appointment online within your website. Booking system comes with feature to prevent back-to-back bookings and block a dedicated time for sanitization and cleaning.
  • Automated Online Forms: Taking Covid-19 precautions into count, it was necessary to replace the paper medical form. Once a patient has scheduled an appointment, they are provided a link to an online medical form via email. This form provides Clinicians with all the information they require prior to a patient’s arrival for treatment. All the data will be stored in Microsoft’s Cloud Database. With the Intelligence and automation built into the system, it ensures that NO duplicate records are created. If the patient is already in the system, then all the details will be automatically linked to that patient.
  • Telemedicine/Video Calls: To bolster the patient experience while improving the clinic’s operations, system is enabled with Video Call/Telehealth functionality. Doctors/clinicians can launch the virtual visit from the system itself. Furthermore, they can record their meetings for future references.
  • Automated Notifications/Reminders: Send automated email/SMS notification when someone books an appointment. Also send reminders to patients about the appointments and send list of appointments to doctors in a day. Moreover, the notifications can be customized as per the clinic’s requirement.

Clinic Management & Financials

As a healthcare professional, your primary responsibility is to care for patients — and the accumulation of daily duties like paperwork, scheduling, and billing may get in the way. In this system, patients’ information is stored in the Microsoft Dataverse which is a trusted, secure, and reliable managed storage by Microsoft. Additionally, this clinic management system complies with HIPAA policy regulation which makes the information far more secure than paper files.

  • Patient Management: Create, store, manage, and access Patients information from an easy-to-use interface. All the data from online forms will be stored in a centralized patient module where you can manage all the associated data like medical treatments, appointments, and payments.
  • Dashboards: Intuitive Dashboards with charts and graphs to track or monitor clinic performance, total revenue, active patients, expenses, payments, and total appointments.
  • Invoicing: Invoices can be generated automatically against patient, and receipt in pdf format and can be send online via email to patients.
  • Online Payments: System is integrated with a payment gateway to collect payments online easily. Keeps track of all past and present payment information and diagnosis by managing patient accounts within the management system. 

Final Thoughts

Clinic management software raises the bar in terms of patient care. It helps healthcare facilities of all sizes to save money, improve service quality, and increase accuracy and efficiency. This cloud-based system is designed with all the power packed features that suits every medical vertical from Dental, Physiology, Orthopedic, to Psychology and more. If you are looking to optimize your clinic efficiency digitally then at Klevron we help you to get onboarded with this Clinic Management software in no time. If your requirements are beyond this, then we are here to provide you with a powerful customized solution for your clinic. 

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