Why you should opt Microsoft Power Apps ?

Why you should opt Microsoft Power Apps ?

Do you have any outdated or inefficient business processes that you’d want to update? Are you still transferring data through paper or a shared Excel spreadsheet? Do you want to be able to run these business operations on a variety of devices, such as PCs and smartphones? Then Microsoft Power Apps are required.

Microsoft launched PowerApps in the midst of the growth of several game-changing applications. Power Apps is a part of the Microsoft Power Platform family that allows you to develop custom business apps using Microsoft platforms such as SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Dynamic 365, Microsoft Dataverse, SQL Server, and others.

PowerApps is a simple business tool with a drag-and-drop user interface that lets you to develop your perfect business app with ease, simplicity, and cutting-edge functionality. 

With Power Apps, you can easily design customized business apps that match your specific business needs. These bespoke applications created using Power Apps may be accessed via mobile devices or a web browser. The benefit of designing your own app is that you can customise it to your company’s unique user requirements and work style.

Professional developers may use Power Apps to programmatically interact with data and metadata, apply business logic, build custom connections, and communicate with other data. It allows citizen developers to construct one-of-a-kind commercial apps with various features without writing code.

Classification of Power Apps for different scenarios

Canvas Apps

Canvas Apps are an excellent choice if you want to create an app from scratch. You begin by deciding on a screen size: tablet or smartphone, and then you have a blank canvas to work with. Adding data sources to your app will allow you to interact with data. By dragging and dropping different elements and using Excel-style formulae, you can add the functionality you want.

Canvas applications provide you unlimited control over how your apps are built. Using the power of a blank canvas, you can create a highly customised interface and connect it to over 200+ data sources via 500+ built-in connectors.

Power Apps – Canvas Apps (Image Source)

Model Driven Apps

Model-driven app design is an approach to app development that focuses on components. Model-driven app development does not necessitate the use of code, and the apps you create might be basic or complicated. Unlike canvas applications, where the designer has complete control over the layout, model-driven apps mainly controlled by the components you add to the app.

When building a model-driven app, you may take use of the Dataverse’s complete functionality to quickly set up forms, business rules, and process flows. Within the model-driven app, you can also employ the power and flexibility of a canvas experience.

Power Apps – Model Driven Apps (Image Source)

Power Apps Portals

Portals enable the creation of externally exposed websites using the power of no-code solutions. You may create an anonymous or authorised website using the Power Apps interface that allows users to interact with Dataverse data. The same drag-and-drop interface that you use to create apps is accessible to create these rich, dynamic webpages.

Power Apps – Portals (Image Source)

Why Power Apps?

  • Simple App-Maker: With its dynamic drag-n-drop builder and numerous pre-configured templates, you can create versatile business applications without major coding requirements.
  • Connect to data: Power Apps provides access to more than 350+ data sources like SAP, SQL, ServiceNow, Workday, Salesforce etc.
  • Accelerate delivery: Azure and Power Apps commitment to open source code makes it easy to deploy anywhere with DevOps, including on-premises, Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Low-cost: PowerApps is an economical alternative among app developer platforms, with a basic set of features costing $7 per month. Developers may make model applications for $40. Also, Microsoft has made Office 365 available as a free add-on for developers to store and utilise their data.

The Support You Require to Create the Perfect PowerApps

PowerApps is a useful tool for any form of company. The main appeal of PowerApps, is the ability to integrate many platforms in one place.

Creating the ideal app does not have to be complicated. You’ll get the assistance you need for a high-performing app with the guidance of our PowerApps consulting services.

To learn more about how we can assist you with your app, contact us now.

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